Download Hinge Dating App For Android/iOS, Get Hinge App

Hinge Dating App: Hinge app is the latest dating app launched recently in Sydney and everyone already started liking it. You see now days, every dating app is similar. Every dating app has same swiping left and right functionality. Hinge dating app is also similar to those dating apps but it has a few key features that make this app one of its kind.


The developers tried to remove spammers from Hinge dating app space with some filters. It helps users to find strangers and real people to meet. This app basically works on mutual friends formula. It uses your Facebook data to find you matches. This helps you to connect with the people who are friends of your friends. The app also has highest quality like other dating apps Bumble Dating App, Tinder, Happn etc. There are more chances of people you meet are from the same city and living there for a long time. There are more key features in Hinge dating app that are added below.

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Features of Hinge Dating App:

  • Hinge dating app asks what you like and create matches using them. This helps you to find better matches.
  • There is a key feature in Hinge dating app. That is Undo Pass. If you pass a profile mistakenly, you can undo your move and revisit their profile. This feature helps you a lot I guess.
  • Hinge app creates matches using your Facebook friends list. The app shows you friends of your friends. So, you will meet any of your friend or friends of your friends.
  • More filters are available on Hinge app. It helps users to filter more people and let you connect with the people as you like.
  • It is not very popular so there are lesser members compared to other most popular dating apps. But, I think Hinge App will gain more popularity in coming days.
  • There are many Tags available on Hinge dating app. These tags tell the world what you are and what you like.
  • There is an option which you can use to select a dating spot when you are ready to meet your love. This is one more key feature added in Hinge Dating App.

These are the key features and we can expect many features in future from Hinge app developers; Hinge dating app is available for Android as well as iOS platforms.

If you are an iOS user, then you can install the app directly from App store. If you are android user then you can install the app in two ways. The two ways are described below.

Install Hinge Dating App for Android:

  • You can directly download the app from Google Play Store. But many users are facing problems with Google Play Store application. So we decided to let you know that there is one more way to install Hinge dating app on Android phones.
  • This method also works. So you can use it comfortably.
  • First, you should download Hinge dating app apk file on your mobile phone. After downloading the apk file, go to the folder containg Hing.apk file and Tap on it.
  • Click Next and again tap on Install button. Installation will be completed in a few seconds.
  • After installing the app, launch it on your phone and enjoy using Hinge dating app.

This method is for those who are facing issues with Google Play Store sing in. Create your profile after installing the app and start finding your match.

That is all about Hinge Dating App. This is an amazing app to find new matches and you will definitely like it. Though there are lesser members on Hinge app, the chances to meet them are very high and all the people are real.